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Was just trying to make a transaction for a backup ticket because I bought the previous ticket’s flight timing too early.

Then it hit me that I’m always not that good with managing money, that silly scam and now this ticket thing…

Maybe I bought the ticket when I was still a little affected by the scam? Maybe I just wanna get home and spend time at home.

I was very upset… and as I sat there trying to decide if I want to gamble with the timing or pay for the backup ticket. I thought to myself “I am not very good with managing my money. No, its not my money, its the Lord’s money. I’m a steward of His money.”

Then it hit me. “and guess what, no lesson is too expensive for the Lord. He just wants to get you there.”

I think as I struggle with money issues, or as some of you do not. 😀 I need to remind myself that everything is a learning lesson, there is no coincidence. Its all God-incidence.

That nothing, no price is too expensive for Him when He wants to get you to what He has planned for you. That final Goal. of the Him in mind.


Praise the Lord!


thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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