Sushi Tei!

Went by to Sushi Tei at VivoCity the other day to catch up with a couple of teachers the other day.
You know la, those gather together share about how we deal with the kids how are we coping after we left NIE and stuff. 🙂
It was good. 🙂
So many things in the wind are changing and we really see the hand of God moving. 🙂

Hey Hey! Good Food!!!

I missed out the Gyoza, I didnt take a photo of it.


Got Corn-ed

They call this the Golden King Roll?

Its like the big brother version of the Mango prawn roll from Waraku:

Both is mango, Sushi Tei ones, I can taste the prawn meat more. 🙂

Teacher’s Potion= Coffee 😀
Went around, it was almost 10pm, didnt get much of a coffeehouse,
but we went to something BETTER!!!! O_O
Come back again to find out what we had 😉

Be Bless

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