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So difficult arrrrr…. 😀

okay, kinda dramatic ;D
Received the domain renewal invoice the other day and I was like… should I continue keeping this blog up? :/

Its not like I’m transitioning to another gender. 😀 Just that now is THE gap period to not work and just rest to regulate the reproductive cycle and hope for miracle to happen.

I probably stop having form class commitment since CNY (late January 2023), so just doing relief classes here and there.

Been wanting to do that since I know I’m committed to grow a family, but there was still the dilemma stage of ‘oh no, no more constant income’. The straw came in when I got upset with myself. ‘Been working all my life (a bit of exaggeration) but can’t even take a period of leave to focus on priorities?’

Yeah… So I’m kinda settled in on not being fully committed to a class.

KKH – TCM, Western Meds – Eastern Meds

The cycle was being regulated when I’m on Letrozole 7.5mg. I stopped for a while and took TCM + reduced Insulin dosage each day and the cycle went haywired. Probably had caught the very mild strand of COVID with myself knowing (yea, did bivalent booster and flu vaccination in January 2023). I’m not really sure whats happening. :/ Should just sit down and analyse with doctors.

Another thought on my mind, ‘So I was saying I was really upset about the first doctor who probably treated me more like a case.’

While I wasnt as upset as before, I think it is still important to write it down. Good reflection for me in how I would handle people.

I think I would have appreciated it more if the interaction was more personal. Just like why one patient would choose to do Gastric Bypass surgery with one family doctor instead of another, sometimes its more than just fate, its also how the interaction goes.

It was my first pregnancy (and me being me tend to overprepare and go beyond), but there was no happiness with the doctor (that I was really upset about) that it was my FIRST pregnancy.

Granted she had observing practitioners in the room with her, but I think more could be done to address me as a person not just based on what she is looking at in the case file or information gathered.

Off the back of my head, it just felt like there’s really a lot of effort and vagueness on my side, neglect and moving-on from the other end.

Registered for IUI on 19Apr2023

Yup, we’ve signed the sheets, now its just waiting for a new cycle to begin. Leaving the charts of the previous months below for my records.

thanks for coming by,

Be Blessed