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An introvert’s holiday

Hello~~~~ I’m out on a trip again-~~

‘cept that this is a short trip and to assist ppl

I think one of the things I enjoy most being on overseas trip is being able to stay in the hotel room and watch tv. Not exactly about theirΒ  local program’s, but rather more about the English movies I can find. πŸ˜€ it’s like watching movie at the movie theatre, but more luxurious than that. I get the whole hotel room to myself and I can buy whatever snacks and fruits I want at the local convenience shop. Pillows, and bed sheet, temperature to my preference volume control and all that jazz.

But I think more than that, it’s really about the whole relaxed feel that opens room for reflection and really opportunities to think. Such creativity and to certain extend deep thoughts, are reflection, is at it’s best when one is relaxed, perhaps at peace and able to generate more a complex and meaningful thoughts and connections.
Had one from the movie Last Song while I was out in Bangkok with friends.

Okay, that’s two whole paragraph and I have yet to get into the point of this entry. πŸ˜€ i would think theres two parts to this entry, one is on the movie and the other is on being an introvert.

Let’s do the introvert one first since its a little shorter. (okay, after inserting all the extracts from the video, its not that short afterall. πŸ˜€ )


I came on this trip with a colleague, have a common purpose, not so much about leisure and travel.
So he has his plans, and I can’t really be bothered about making prior arrangement.
Both bcos I don’t really have friends here and I’m not really a shopping person,
I’m more keen on staying in the hotel room and you know, sleep, slack and watch tv (as describe above).

So comparing between my colleague and me, I’m effectively an introvert.Β  Cos he’s running around meeting people for business, meeting associates and networking, while me? I do my work from the hotel room and spend more time in the hotel room, way more than supposedly a person who’s on holiday would.

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Synthetic Happiness

Saw this video on Ted.com, titled: “Why are we happy”.
My conclusion?
We tend to be happier when we are not given too much liberty of choices, or even room to change our mind AFTER we made the choice.
As always, make your decision and march on!

1 of the comments indicated: “I suspect much of Gilbert’s conceptual framework is designed to fit his preconceptions. No hypothesis testing, little critical analysis etc. He knows what he’s looking for and by Jove he’s gonna find it. ”

Heres the video for your ingestion. He speaks real fast, so please do not watch the video if you already have a headache.