Customer Service

went out to look for a radio,
was in a shop when I saw this from Akira

I was very tempted, it was going at $45. Talked alittle to the shop assistant in the presence of the boss.

Then thought maybe I should go around a little more.

Went to get dinner, then came back. Thought ya, probably should just buy this and get it over and done with. (When customers comes back, it probably means they want to buy something from you.)

Asked for a new set rather than the display one, can sense that the boss is not happy.
Didnt care, I’m the one paying after all.

The shop assistant briefly mention the content and wanted to pack it away,
I ask for them to test it.

They plug it in, reception came on, it was noisy needed tuning,
I noticed that the LCD display is not showing anything,
So I mention that to them.

The shop assistant tried to look for buttons and things that they might have forgotten to press,
the boss said “aiya, its like that one la, probably you have to tune it to the correct channel then it will appear on the LCD display.”

I refuse to believe that, so I mention to get me another set instead.

So the shop assistant reached out and wanted to get another box, but the boss set, “use the display set will do”

We went through the same process of tuning, it still doesnt appear on the LCD display, but when they switch to the CD mode briefly I noticed the indication no CD. So alright, the LCD display works. I just let the shop assistant continue toying around, cos they havent give me a solution.

Then the lady boss said. ” I already say, cos the radio doesnt recognize all the channel mah, must wait for the correct tuning.”

I was very upset when I hear that,
When she said that, I made up my mind not to buy from her.


Lousy customer service.

I handle 30 kids, I dont feel irritated, but this 1 lady, 😀
You know its bad.

But nevermind~ I went on and found something interesting~

Say hello to my new 5.5″ TBo + Radio~


Felt “a y not, small tv in my room. Sometimes when timing is tight, but I really wanna know, hear whats on tv, this would do fine. And I’ve got radio too.”

Its Black and White, but come on, with all that huge, flat tv out there, this is gonna be an antique soon enough. 😀
Classic stuff. *wOoT!

If I really want to see color, just go to the living room~

hey hey, bought it at $56.

Yes, Ms Ng dont mind spending money, but Ms Ng mind bad service.

*feels wrong to say Be Bless here… dunno why.


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