Thailand Monks

Went by to Thailand with @xysg and @tangenghui on the 13th – 16th July 2011.
Gonna bring you a series of photos from there in the upcoming entries. 🙂

In this entry, let’s take a look at the photos taken in the morning, of the Monks.

Read from a website, about their daily routine:

There are over 29,000 temples in Thailand and the daily routine of the monks in all of them is pretty much the same…

4.00 am – The monks wake up and meditate for one hour, followed by one hour of chanting.
6.00 am – The monks walk barefoot around the neighbourhood while the local people make merit by offering them food.
8.00 am – Returning to the temple, the monks sit together to eat breakfast, then make a blessing for world peace.

Before 12.00 noon – Some monks choose to eat a light lunch at this time. This is the last solid food they are allowed to consume until sunrise the following morning.Row of seated Buddhas

1.00 pm – Classes in Buddhist teaching begin. Some monks may attend school outside the temple.
6.00 pm – A two-hour session of meditation and prayer begins.
8.00 pm – The monks retire to do homework.

Pretty true, cos we woke up really early *considering its a holiday* to give alms and take photos. 😀

Was pretty surprise when I notice instances of asking for cash donation.


I entitled below: The peace that walks…


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


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