That dress!

As I laid in bed, feeling miserable, trying really hard to fall asleep last night, my thoughts floated back to my family, love ones in Singapore. How my mom would come by to my bed and feel my head when I ran a fever bcos of food poisoning previously.

The throat itched, the mind is irritated. The nose breathe heavily… As I yearn for closeness and concern, I indulge in self-pity for a brief moment. Knowing that The Lord is aware and one has been set aside.

As I walked towards the ladies room, after conducting the 6th period of the day, I realized that those were the reaction of a woman.
That I allowed myself to take pity, but not overindulged. I know that I will be taken care of. That I do not dwell on it, but instead bounced back and looked forward. It is but a passing phase and it will be fine.

When I finally slipped into deep slumber after 2 paracetomol and 2 danzen tablets, it was a deep and peaceful rest.
Waking up to a new day, I thank God that His mercies are renewed everyday and He gives His beloved rest.

and of course that beautiful shift dress from ASOS that I can look graceful in with minimal effort and makeup (you know you love them when you absolutely dont feel like going to work on that day (and other times too)). 😀


Blue Shift Dress


and I love love love love this Daisies Mono!!!!!


thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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