The Simpsons

Read this infographic through

Nizam omgzam 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Simpsons (Infographic)

Reminded me of that time I was doing my Grammar assignment in NIE.
The Simpsons had an episode on Bad Grammar Robot.
Cant seem to trace the one that I was refering to. Could only find this short and recorded version. (dont use head set)



Heres a Singlish Video to share


Them presenting a interview skit in Singlish. 😀

“Wah you angmo, can cook very well know.”
“Of course lah, got laksa what”
“I last time use to work at the West Coast Police Post”
“Dont go buy, use your brain”

and my Grammar Terriorist Tutor who totally corrects The Strait’s Times Newspaper ‘s language

Speak Well, Be Understood.

Be Bless

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