Throwing away stress

The other day I went to a shopping mall a distance away to look for some stuff.
There was this bakery called Bread Life.
It’s a new bakery to me, dont exactly remember if I have had bought anything from there.

I love bread, and being a new bakery to me, I was so excited with the array of bread.. I kinda spend $8 on buying bread alone.

No no, I wanted it for breakfast that day and let it roll over into dinner, I’ll have a proper meal for lunch.
Or so I thought.

As you guessed, it didn’t happen… I’ve plenty of bread left to roll over the next day.

It didn’t help that I’m leaving the country in the evening the next day.
I didn’t want to leave it in the fridge because I wanted to defrost my fridge while I’m away.

I have the breads, whatever that was left of the groceries from the whole of the week, and the cookies that I’ve baked to bring home in sg.

Oh… So stressed I was.

I spent the whole morning reading and being distracted, “how… What am I going to do about the breads… How… I know I can also pack the veg as salad back to sg, but the bread how… The carrot how… The few ladies finger how…”

Went on to do a major cleanup of the apartment since I’ll be away. “How… the bread… I don’t want to eat for lunch lei.. I got marinated fish le.. How.. The carrot… Wah Kao… How?”

I got fed up.

*toot* why the hell is it so stressful?
It is just some freaking bread, somemore with what blue berry jam, not like it’s some meat. Why on earth am I so bothered about it.

Enough is enough, I brought up the dustbin, dump the remaining 2 breads, carrot and ladies finger away. Boy was I relieved.

I’m surprised, the drop in stress level, that weight off the shoulder, that relieved..
It’s so easy to just let it go.

If only life’s pressure or worries can be that easily dropped?

“throwing away stress”


thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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