Update! 26th July 2014

So…. what happened to Amanda?

a… actually I’m also unsure. 😀
Okay, I’m just kidding. It’s Amanda, how can Amanda be unsure of what happened to Amanda right. 😀 me and my rubbish. 😀

hmm… Been wanting to write this post since, May, late may, (school holiday in Jakarta’s Academic Year’s term) but dragged, went back to SG to visit, came back JKT aft Birthday and was straight on sling shot into the propelling activities of induction and conference. So pardon me.. *at least its up now right? *puppy eyes*

I’ve been here (Jakarta) for close to 10 months now. Its been fun, much exercising of freedom and control, gaining awareness and understanding single hood independence.

I left LN in June, bumped around till Sept and got brought over. It was quick, and vicious I would say. Cos I touch down at night, prep real fast, and before it sinked in, I am in the classroom and doing what I always do with a bunch of smart 9/10years old pupils.

Speaking of which. These kids, they know English, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. The world needs to so look out for them man. Lets just pray that they get the correct guidance, influence ahead. Hmm… what is “correct” anyway.. Okay, Fruitful. thats better I think.

Me.. lets get back here. I think plenty of my initial experiences have been recorded already. Category: Jakarta

Now that I have embarked on the 2nd year. I think I am a lot more happy, nothing else I think. I’m still unsettled. 😀
Cos having just moved in into the new apartment, I still hadn’t had the time to settle in and well, grow into it.
Yes I am living alone, hence the “gaining awareness and understanding single hood independence”

I’m very different from my mom I realise. I’m a big thing about being organised, having what is necessary (not just everything and anything), I love space, declutter. Funny it wasn’t rubbed off from my mom but it is entirely shaped by perhaps the father and the university of society. *shrugs

This whole living alone concept gave me the opportunity to spend hours and hours at the local hardware store, shopping, spotting and looking for things. Something you will get to do when you get your own house. This process just came early for me.

Coming back… Hm… unsettling also because I barely have good, quality time to sit at home and just enjoy being at home. I fly so often, I sleep enough, I clear to-do list way too much. Its obscene. 😀 At least to me. But well, thats just uniquely me. 🙂

I made my world, I made my life. While it is not perfect by the standards of many out there.
I am grateful for what I have. Thats why I am happy.

I am fine. and I hope you are satisfied with your current life too. 🙂

thanks for coming by ,

Be Bless

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