Do you remember Wall.E ?

the High-tech KaRanGuNi that threw away the diamond ring and kept the box, that fell in love with EVE, ;D
Photo Source: http://www.pixar.com/featurefilms/walle/

Had this twitter friend @juzferyou who took the photo below:

and can u imagine it was in a setting like this:

apparently, he is a photographer~ Click to see his tumblr and his homesite

anyway, that photo of his reminds me of Wall.E and it got stuck in my mind.

Happen to be in school today and walked past these!

Like so similar, such coincidence right!
Of course me being me It would be non-stop shooting action!

I lined them up,
I set them in positions with story line,
etc etc

all taken with my Dayrius!
But guess what… Dayrius is dead now…
First the screen fades out to really low light,
then the batt went flat, and after charging for 1 hour, nothing comes on.

Gonna go down to Comms Centre again tomorrow.
So thankful that I tweet out this last one to cheer a friend up.

Its so cute right!!!!!

Probably might gather them and shoot again if I have the time ba. 😀

Be Bless

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