15 Minutes Cafe

Went by to meet my cher @tangenghui and @luvyun for dinner at 15 minutes Cafe. Its at Laselle’s building.

I was very late! very paiseh 😀

They had the Udon and Prawn Salad and Nachos with cheese 😀 Left some for me. 😀

main course~
I had their Fish and Chips *Yes! I lub lub fish and chips

It was very good! Ms Ng gives pass!
the batter isnt oily, crisp crisp, fish is fresh, cajun fries well worth my $12.90

this is a beef dish with black pepper chili tomato and wine~

and Cher~ had this Pink Pasta thing

$9+ only, very filling and the sauce has the pasta sauce feel though it doesnt look like. macham laksa or something like that. 😀

and they have waffle ice cream!!!!

Cant resist it!

Special thanks goes to yun for treating me the waffle ice cream 😀
Didnt know it was a treat, if I knew would not have ordered it individually. So paiseh…

the best fish and chips I’ve tasted thus far.

Be Bless

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