Went by to Skype Roadshow the other day, courtesy of XPR, @daphnemaia

Seriously I have no idea. I dont have a webcam so I tot it doesnt apply to me.

no no… not talking about the three eye monster, the little green man.

Skype is mobile communication like your telcos, ‘cept the difference is you dont pay for talktime, you pay for data charges. 😉

According to this guy:

Its 1mb+ for 10mins. Cool huh? 😀 quite affordable~

At home on TV~

Where you can get the whole family to sit down together and talk to relatives or even brothers and sister’s thats overseas studing~


What was originally meant for peer communication is now valid and available for business use.

Do you know…

Its a free app actually~

On the side note, eyecandy~!~!

Heres the babe playing with the devices~ 😀 I love that smile on her face! So sweet!

The power of technology…
New turn and twist to how things are aint it? 😉

Thanks for coming by

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