15mins & Cheeky Chocs w 3/4

yEh~! I went back to 15minutes bar again with my 3/4~!~!~
Love their Fish and Chips!
But their waffle machine is not up yet…

Fei and Ray 😀 Dunno why, just didnt feel like asking them to pose properly for my shot.

Anyway, I think they kinda change their menu,

Cos I suggested for val to order the beef,
the first time I got there, @luvyun ordered the beef and it was like this:

but now, its like that:

But val says its great, she’ll be back for it, so its good.

Me? I had my usual, Fish and Chips~

fei had that too~
Ray, too hungry, wack ar, nothing left for me to shoot 😀

Waffles machine down………………..
so we left crossed over to illuma and had desserts there at Cheeky Chocolates

It was oki, only goods the pancakes, served all day

Chocolate cheese brownie

Chocolate Crepes

probably a little too thick for my liking, and too moist… becomes like eating chocolate pancake

The menu says its 70% dark chocolate,

I kinda beg to differ…

These pancake roks!



Its good catching up again, being updated about each others lifes.
These are the kind of friends that you can dont bother for a while, but when u come back together, u’ll get so close still. 🙂
*Blessed I am…


Be Bless

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3 thoughts on “15mins & Cheeky Chocs w 3/4

  1. avnjl Post author

    The pancakes are worth the money 🙂
    and they are ava all day O~
    really nice~ 😀

    Jio me if u go k? 😀

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