Roast @ 1 Rochester

Went by to Roast @ One Rochester for some great food and great company.
The setting there is nice, once the construction is cleared I think that will be a very good place to chill out and just drink the weekend away. πŸ™‚
Check out the video:

Our table of 9 was served with an expense of Communal Menu, great desserts and dazzling drinks. πŸ˜€ *So dazzling that I see stars πŸ˜€

To me, its always about getting the basics right before going on to conquer greater grounds.

I love theirΒ Grilled cod fillet with fennel and blood orange salad which is on the top right hand corner next to the Roast Logo. The chewy affair of the fish together with the caramelized layer on the top gives the cod fillet a must-go.

Their Tiger prawn salad with cous cous, pomegranate, mint and persian feta is fascinating as well (see top left hand corner next to the Roast Logo). This is the first time I encounter pomegranate with prawns. Not just that the prawn is fresh, but put together with the pomegranate, their crunchy-ness is a whole new chapter to the dish.

Their starter, The “Nibble” Platter which includes foie gras parfait, game terrine, is a very non-routine dish. In Amanda’s terms, they are goose liver moose and rabbit meat (see photo right below Roast Logo). What a new experience it was. That simple softness of the moose with the exotic taste of the goose liver. That game meat texture on a pastry… its like walking on unchartered grounds in the woods of the Twilight movie.

Their dessert of Grande Assiette, I especially love their coffee creme brulee. Its quality. Period. The coffee bean scent, that tinge of sweetness… Its Perfect~ *MuAcKz!

The drinks… How can the night be complete without them right?

Sequencing from left to right, *Lychee Martini, BMW (Baileys, Martini and Whisky) and Cosmopolitan.

Need I say more?
Go figure πŸ˜‰

Be Bless

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