2014 Roundup

*gasped. I didnt round-up my 2013 and neither did I round-up my 2012.
Is that possible? Why yes, of course. Its already history. *aha!

I guess the past 3 years have been really hectic thats why there wasnt a summary. But fear not, future me! at least we have the 2014 one.

2014 is def a year of understanding self and greater discovery. *which year isnt right? 😀

January 2014, according to the post on 29th Dec 2013, I was blogging about shoes and dresses. Thats a sign of a happy me. Which I guess is not surprising since I must have settled in, into the 18sqm unit in the new work location. January is probably also the time when theres floods over there and preparation for Chinese New Year.

Its such a wonderful opportunity to have been taken over to live and work in another country where expenses are not as high and I can really do and focus on what I love.

Skipped over Feb, Mar and Apr and on to

Late May, early few days of June was house moving. The first time I experience Gastric and also the first time I take over an apartment as my own. The balcony was horrendous. 😀 check it (see below)


From this 18sqm studio



I moved into this 36sqm studio



the horrendous but stupendous and all important balcony

Albums: “Jakarta Adventure” and “tt home

If you fly as often as I do, you will know how it feels when you come back to a place that belongs to you. That you came home.

Came home

Came home


June is the fabulous month where I came back to Singapore, celebrated my birthday in my homeland, stayed over at MBS and visited the Aquarium. That aquarium visit is spectaular, cos I was talking about it since the year before and with someone, so much emotional attachment with it. But its over so its good. Its when you finally do it, it became a completed item, and whatever that was or could be, shouldnt matter anymore.

July was the beginning of a school year, somehow, I just recovered from the hectic and hurtful past, healed and began to write about it.

and of course a happy August when the BFF came over to visit and I totally missed SG’s national day celebration.

September was a stretching month. Its a lot of ground works for a new portfolio. Seems like the talents are all peeking out of the bag, getting recognise.

October!  Probably its bcos its been a full year of senseless flying and no holiday (going new places) I went Bali~~~~~~~~~~ . Canggu, not Kota or Seminyak.
I realize that the name of a holiday destination is never the name of the place that I thought I would be visiting. “Bali” when actually its famed for Kota, “Krabi” when its actually famed for Ao Nang and of cos to its neighbouring Phi Phi islands. Like WHAT???????????????? lol its a good trip nonetheless

November, its complicated. 😀 Parents came to visit in the new place and we had much good food and checking places out. I got back onto online dating, and boy what a mess it was.

December, taDA! I’m back in Singapore and loving it. This is going to be the longest holiday yet.

I think all in all, this is absolutely a year of understanding myself. Understanding what is introversion and how does this introvert love to spend her time. The amount of stimulation and how I would react to it.

They say going on a trip alone is fascinating, they say it takes strength to eat alone, well, *shrugs* I wonder what they say about being an expat? 😀

Yes, I do admire expats. 😀
But erm…

Expats are...

Expats are…

I guess everyone has their own opinion.

If we dont look at my personal life, theres still a few here and there to recover from 2014

1. Steve Jobs is great, but lets put that aside. Theres always 2 sides to a person.
2. I realize so many people around me are just huge liars, going back on their words, but I have also learnt to accept them and not correct them anyway. Just associate with them less.
3. Dont listen to those that are severely hurt by divorce and its proceedings. Relationships and being in one is still a journey and a beautiful thing.

I still believe and look forward to being in a relationship. Yes I am still single, still strong-headed, still learning about myself everyday.

Looking forward to 2015.


thanks for coming by
*muack muack!

Be Bless

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