Had a great Christmas gathering – #23xmas last night. 🙂 Not a lot of people. Just 8 of us, not alot.
It’s the 1st time meeting each other for some of us.

I love how the conversation went, catch up on things that didn’t really matter, but you can totally relate to and stretch the conversation. From there really learn about the other person.

Its conversations like these that keeps you alive and remind you that everybody has a unique personality. Of course the kind of interest they carry will be very different.

One’s a TVC director, you see how he spoke of his inspiration and his plans to do a project overseas. Reminded me that everyone is allowed to dream. It takes a person with courage to go and realize the dream – knowing its difficulties. Another studies overseas and you hear of his culture exchange experiences. Two of them sharing the table with us shoots models and does it amazingly – and the best part is, its not their full time job.
Two others that means a lot to me. Friendship you know you wanna maintain no matter the amount of differences between you and them.

We had a simple meal, yah… that marks the start of Christmas ‘feasting’ for me.

Yun was nice, she prepared gifts for us~

and this year’s Christmas lighting at Orchard was…

lets just leave it as that, I think last year’s was better.

was crossing the road when I saw my ex-colleague! 😀 Taking photo in the middle of the road 😀 buey ta han!

Jack’s place, Eatzi Gourmet was nice, through Choo Wee, they offered us a TudorGold Logcake.

Get yours at discount rates:
1) Festive Cakes
Offer: 15% on all festive cakes ordered through the bakery hotline 62876298.
Mention promo code JPAV1
Valid til 3 January 2011.

2) All non festive Cakes
Offer: 20% on all non festive cakes ordered through the online bakery at www.eatzi.com.sg/cake.php
Simply type in promo code JPAV2 at the check out page
Valid til 31 January 2011.

Both offers not valid with other offers and discounts.

I’m in love this Christmas. In a very non boy girl relationship way.
I’m thankful that there is hope
I’m thankful that there are friends who reminded you not to lose yourself.
I’m thankful that money isn’t the only thing that makes the world go round (although it is important). 🙂

*Happy Christmas Everyone*

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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