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HP Photography w SJS

Food… Food in handphone…. *sLuRP!

😀  just kidding… Food photos in handphone, not exactly food inside handphone. 😀

Went by to 51 Old Changi Airport Road to do Handphone Photography with Shutter Journey Singapore.

I think I enjoyed the company more than shoot. 😀 cos I hadnt been eating much these days ba…

Anyway, here to share some photos. 😉

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Food for thought (literally)

Came upon the article “Food for thought that’ll serve dieters well” the other day, and they came up with a comic version of it soon after.

Did  you know that

“.. in an unusual study which demonstrates that merely thinking about food, without actually seeing, touching, smelling, tasting it, can help sate hunger through a process called habituation”

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Had a great Christmas gathering – #23xmas last night. 🙂 Not a lot of people. Just 8 of us, not alot.
It’s the 1st time meeting each other for some of us.

I love how the conversation went, catch up on things that didn’t really matter, but you can totally relate to and stretch the conversation. From there really learn about the other person.

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