ADV: Mummy’s Instant Noodle

Brought Soup back the other day, and some other dishes.

Mummy was asking me, how come I have them, so I said I went to shoot, to help people to advertise.

think she was jealous cos the next thing she said was “help me advertise this one”


So I took my hp and started shooting.

She laughed and say, “Xiao Ar! dont anyhow take picture”

Then she went on to get soup, she say, “You never drink my soup, only go and shoot other people’s one!”


Mom always have the best interest for their children in their hearts.

I Love My Mom.

Like the day after, I was feeling very miserable. Cos I didnt have the time to go get breakfast/brunch or even lunch. And its crazy work after that…
So I shouted from my room.
“Mummy, I’m hungry”

She replied: “no money ar, come and eat Tapioca ar”

then I laugh.

then I shout again.
“Mummy, I’m hungry”

She replied: “got tapioca, come and eat la!”

I shouted “I dont want, cook instant noodle for me la~”

She replied: “Instant noodle ar? OKI~!”


So Here I am. 🙂

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you ,


I Love You MummY!

Thanks for coming by~
Be Bless

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One thought on “ADV: Mummy’s Instant Noodle

  1. IRIS

    wa~~~ mummy’s cook food is always the best! even though if is jus a bowl of noodles! tt day i came back frm sch…was very hungry…then i also said something like tt…my mum was actually preparing to sleep le…but while i was showering she cooked a bowl for me…sob…so nice!!!!!!!

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