In another words…

I Like This! 😀

Esp the Eyebag Removal one. 😀



Be Bless

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Amanda is a lifestyle blogger who endeavours to better herself through reflective practises. She is known to be witty and analytical although at times she seems to be talking to herself. Cooking (food and literature) is therapeutic to her, so Indulge in her and perhaps drop her a note or two along the way? ;)

2 thoughts on “In another words…

  1. Daphne Maia

    I actually disagree with that.

    Firstly, I don’t believe that you can advise people who don’t want to listen – in order for advice to be effective, the other party has to be open to receiving advice. often, this doesn’t happen until something dramatic / bad / life-changing happens.

    Secondly, if the person is open to receiving advice already, then well, say it as it is! True, the tactic used by the author is more gentle and more persuasive, but I think in the midst of her verbosity, something has been lost already. 😛

    Short and sweet (not like this message), okay? 😀

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