went to watch my 1st ever 3D show today with a really blonde blonde. 😀

Was walking towards the cinema looking for a familiar face, turn here turn there couldnt find, then suddenly noticed this blonde head rushing forward to watch the trailers screen. 😀 that got to be him! and thats the absolute chance to take a photo of him w/o him noticing. 😀

He’s not dumb really, just happen to have the tweet handle @DUMBellz 😀

Watched Alice in Wonderland.
Think this is a movie that really needs to be watched in 3D.

Really like the believed-in-the-impossible mindset of the show.
“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Impossible 1: There is a drink that can make me shrink.
Impossible 2: There is a cake that can make me grow.
Impossible 3: Animals can talk.
Impossible 4: There is a cat that can disappear.
Impossible 5: There is a place called Wonderland.
Impossible 6: I can slay the jabberwocky.

special thanks goes to @vickilew n @juzferyou for helping me trace these 6 impossibles.

and I absolutely adore the makeup on the Mad-Hatter aka Johnny Depp
There’s so much details to it! *I’ll be very surprise if you hadnt seen the poster around 😀

Heres some interesting facts of the show

# DRINK ME — The potion Alice drinks to shrink is called Pishsolver. The cake she eats to grow is called Upelkuchen.

# SWEET AND SOUR — Actress Anne Hathaway, who portrays the White Queen in “ALICE IN WONDERLAND,” decided that her representation of the character wouldn’t be completely vanilla. The White Queen comes from the same gene pool as the evil Red Queen, after all, so Hathaway envisioned a “punk rock vegan pacifist” and was inspired by Blondie, Greta Garbo, Dan Flavin and Norma Desmond. – Esp for u @vickilew

# ON WITH HIS HEAD — Crispin Glover portrays Stayne, the Knave of Hearts, in the film, but only his head appears on screen. The body of the character, who’s seven-and-a-half feet tall, is computer generated. On set, Glover wore a green suit and a pair of stilts to make him taller. His face was fully made up for the role (complete with an eye patch and scar). For the final film, Stayne’s entire costume, body and even his cape are CGI. Only his face is real.

# EYES HAVE IT — The Mad Hatter’s eyes were slightly enlarged making them between 10 and 15 percent bigger than Johnny Depp’s own.

# BIG HEAD — A special 4K hi-def camera called a Dulsa with 4,000 lines of resolution was used to shoot Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen to enable her head to be blown up to twice its size in post-production without losing any image quality.

# THE REAL STUFF — Very few real sets were built for Wonderland. In fact, only three versions of the Round Hall (where Alice ends up after falling down the rabbit hole) and the Red Queen’s dungeon were practical sets. The rest were created digitally.

Facts taken from:

I might have spoil the fun for you, but do head down to watch AIW in 3D~

Be Bless

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