Went out to watch KUMAR: Stripped Bare & Standing Up

It was good. Really like how he cracked up with his “politically correct” jokes.
I wonder hows it like when he sits down with his creative director to plan out his program.

Probably its just a conversation between his left brain and the right brain.

Tell me, who can think of jokes using national songs, national mottos…

STAND UP for Singapore…”
COME Together”
“Together we STAND

and then give our honorable council member nicknames?
Sian ar” (think son of that rumored-to-have-heart-attack guy)
Nuts ar

not enough? oki,
Lets talk about IR ... Ever wonder why the two merlion (one near the fullerton n the other at Sentosa) are positioned that way?

Or maybe SG River and Marina Barrage … how the non-routine water use to be able to flow out to greater oceans and now less easily. 😀

And Just why is it that the blue beam in Sentosa’s Merlion’s eyes are longer than the red or the purple? 😀
According to the show…

Blue Beams = Blue Color = Color of $50 note
Red Beams = Red Color = Color of $10 note
Purple Beams = Purple Color = Color of $2 note

so which one do they want more?
Red Beam = CHuuuuUUuUUUuuuu
Purple Beam = Chuu.

😀 owned…

and he shared that him and the merlion are like 2 treasures, diff is, merlion is top lion bottom mermaid, his is top mermaid, bottom lion! 😀 (meaning very high libido, very good guns)

n he sang about hows it like to be, become a girl using Little Mermaid’s – Part of That World.
*not gonna go into that, u have to watch the show! 😀

Of course, he poked the race part too…
the whole Thaipusam thing. Carrying of the kavadi…
put down must put parking coupon, then cannot take normal cab. then must beware of the foreign workers, 😀
how theres no signboard in airport in tamil language
oki oki, it can go on. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE THERE! 😀

How all races have 2 days of holiday, even govt have National Day and May Day but not the Indians. “Vesak Day is not counted!”

😀 oh no! talking abt it cracks me up.

He shared about his family life as well, the coping with, the transition and even now the dependence upon. 🙂

I really admire how he is able to compartmentalize his emotions and just live it out on stage. Its really human psychology at its best.

He closed off with “Always look on the bright side of life”
He shared wise words about his life, and the way he is. 🙂
I cant and I dont know how to re-present it to you. But look at this video from youtube. 🙂 It will bring a spark to you.
Please stay through the opening Indian dance (1min) part. 🙂


🙂 heres the pic of those who went. 🙂 *tHuMbs UP!
@dukbokiie @hwsoh @ladylola_ @sianzrong @goshprincess @chris_goh @lilvalkrie @ir3n3loh @perignonic @alyplusbass @youareonvisual @seraphina23
(I’m missing Kelvin here, anyone can provide his handle?)

special thanks goes to @smithankyou for organizing, @priscias and @seraphina22 for co-ordinating 🙂

Go watch the show when it comes again!!!

Be Bless

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0 thoughts on “#kumarshow

  1. Smith

    U have really gd memory eh? rmb much of his jokes.. haha..

    I thought it was a pretty good outing.

    My next Target – Animal Farm !


  2. avn

    OH My tian, Just got reminded of the

    “Really Modern Indian Man drink and get beat up by their family”


    “Canning in school that started it all”


    my tian… I have to get out of this kumarshow bubble. 😀

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