Ben&Jerry Chunk Fest 2010

Overdued! 😀 too long le!

Attended last year’s Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest with a couple of cool people!
@tangenghui @throughthelens @luvyun @chillycraps and yun’s Godbrother

Ben & Jerry was bringing in new flavours so they had this open field campaign thing.

and what do we get when we have friends and a huge picnic mat?

So hippie right? 😀

😀 Cute!

I like this Picture!

Racer Dogs!!! (if im not wrong)

Not just ice-cream,

they have this eat ice cream challenge thing that is really…
20 scoops with 4 team members.
the previous record was 1minute..

😀 Video-ed this group of girls’ adventure. 😀 The Ferocious Frightful Flamingo!

Their mouth are too full for a concluding speech. 😀

More Photos: Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2010 Album

Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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