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Choc Ice-Cream!

I’m a happy girl as long as you give me quality chocolate ice-cream.

oh and please throw in almond flakes and walnut. 😀
and make it Double Chocolate please~ *Big BIG round eyes*


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

Ben&Jerry Chunk Fest 2010

Overdued! 😀 too long le!

Attended last year’s Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest with a couple of cool people!
@tangenghui @throughthelens @luvyun @chillycraps and yun’s Godbrother

Ben & Jerry was bringing in new flavours so they had this open field campaign thing.

and what do we get when we have friends and a huge picnic mat?
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Haagen Daz’s Christmas Menu

4 more days to Christmas, how many Christmas gathering have you attended thus far?

Was invited to Haagen Daz’s Limited Edition Christmas Menu media preview, its very nice.
I would certainly recommend you to visit them for at least one of the gatherings.

I <3 heart <3 this:

ops, sorry, got distracted. 😀 aiya who dont like eye candy right? 😀
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