I woke up at 4:30am on a Saturday morning…
5:30am in Singapore time.

My mind is super active by the time it hits 6am…


I have no idea what time the supermarket opens (and surprisingly their website don’t have an answer to that)

and I… am all over the place. 😀


Got to do something about this “nasty habit” of the “perpetual need” to accomplished whatever I have intended to do. Its not just doing it, its the sequence of having it done.


I know I wanna go to the supermarket, then settle lunch, then do whatever marking or whatever online stuff I had intended to do.
So having woke up this early, not knowing what time the supermarket opens. I was super restless.
I have absolutely no interest, whatsoever to blog or do work, nor am I in the mood to exercise or do cooking.
I want to go to the supermarket before anything else, and it shall be like that.

Good Lord…
its not like the supermarket will run away. Its not like I would die without the ginger or the garlic.


Haiz…you get the picture.
But on the bright side, accomplishing things and sticking to the plan is a good habit. So.. *pat pat*


and yes, I wake up at 4:30am, falls asleep by 9pm.. which is Singapore 5:30am, 10pm. :/
Yes, Technically, I have no life.


Then again, I’ve never felt more at ease with myself. 🙂
Perhaps its because I have my own place and although its only grocery shopping, I feel “addressed”. Like meeting the inner need. 🙂


I do club and drink and go cafes and restaurants when necessary.
But truth is clubbing and drinking is just a form of entertainment, socializing and presenting to people that I have a “life”.


Doing up the place, walking down the aisle in a supermarket recharges me. 😀
Oh I am so low maintenance. 😀 Ha! What the hell man.


I still need my Iris to zen with me at cafes.


thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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