Went by to Brewerkz at Stadium Waterfront to try out their Lamb Shank with @Calvintimo

Yes, him again 😀 hahaha! Im a big fan of food and so is he!

This is also the first time I tried shooting in Manual mode in indoor setting, Really dark, but is glad that hey hey, not bad I feel my photos turn out quite oki.

He very bad, encourage me to drink!

😀 Singapore Alae

no la, just kidding, tot since ya, Brewerkz is about Brewery after all, and I’ve nothing serious going on after that, why not? 🙂
I am so lousy I tell u…
1 Cup… that was it… haiz…
couldnt, didnt want to handle the 2nd cup… its not even a pint!

ANyway~ 🙂
The main purpose of the day~


I *HeArT my Salmon!!!!

More Salmon!!

I loved how the overcooked and crisped side brings about that salty-ness, worked so well with the fish. That tomato garnish which is really well marinated that brought about that sourness *Oh! *sLuRP!

The other thing about these two dishes was the Potato

They have this menu especially suited for this Potato~ US R.B Potato~

I love moi Salmon~ and I’m a fan of Potato~

oh, and heres a video of the dinning location~
Guest Appearance: @calvintimo


Be Bless

P/S: Toggle over to his site to see the good stuff (Brewerkz entry). Shot on Cannon S90!!!! I am so jealous!

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2 thoughts on “Brewerkz

  1. iRiS

    i have been there be4!!! i liked the mushroom disc..forgot wat isit called…but tt time i went there for finger food kekeke..the pizza quite nice too!!

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