Canon Photomarathon 2011

Did you go for the Canon Photomarathon 2011?
If you did, I’m gonna spank you, cos you didnt come and say Hi!
*oki, just kidding. 😀

Canon PhotoMarathon Singapore 2011 Event Ad from Canon Singapore on Vimeo.

My photos were bad, dont bother. 😀 at least compared to the winners…
Wah liew… oki, show you how bad it is…

Theme: Imagine

Took this the moment I heard the theme announced, pointed the camera upwards and did a long exposure on the ceiling of the hall.

Theme: Circle

and this speaks for itself. 🙂

and last up,
Theme: Eat *nope, didnt submit the photo below, just relating to it.

No lens to stalk people, macham taking food photo, so gib u this candid photo. 😀 of the photographers I shot with that day. 🙂 this photo… we were all sharing a moment. 🙂
Clockwise from the left: Isaiah Kuan aka Jbabiesdad, Andy Lee aka Sengkangbabies, and the usual suspect @tangenghui and @xysg

though the 12hrs really tested me, I had a good time exploring and lunching with them. Cher! introduce us to this Chicken rice place at Selegie,

the pork chop was suppose to go with the sauce, it was said to be spicy, so they very nice, didnt pour it in. 🙂 *cos I’m not a chilli friend. 🙂

Congrads goes to my many many friends who won!

Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 thats the name of the boy in the photo, son of Tommy Low who I met through NDP2010. He shoots fantastic photos!
STUDENT CATEGORY – THEME 3 (IMAGINE) – FIRST : Tommy Low Boon Heng (Temasek Polytechnic)

Oily plate above M&Ms. 😀 funny thing is, this is the 1st year he shoots w a group, but he abandon the group to take this winning photo. 😀
Johnson Ang / met him through Shutterjourney! / OPEN CATEGORY – THEME 2 (CIRCLE) – SECOND :Ang Cheng Hoe

Chester! w Ah Seow! of | Really “imagine” lo… literally. Power! Puts me to shame…
Met them through my social media activities


oki~ jiggle over to the Canon Be Empowered facebook page to see the winning entries~


Thanks for coming by!
Be Bless

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