Vietnam Brides

What’s your reaction when you hear “Vietnam Brides”?

Love It? Hate It?
Well, for me, I guess all in love is fair, meaning, ya, in as much as Singaporean men are picking up foreign brides hence less Singaporean men for me to choose, I believe love doesn’t come and land on your lap. To certain extend you need to work for it.
And if what the men want is a simple wife to sit at home and be the perfect housewife, then, thanks for helping me to do the eliminating. 😉

😀 k la, actually what got me to write this post today was because of the new manicure I had!!!!! 😀
Crackle! Nice right!!

As the text above suggested, its serviced by a Vietnamese lady. 🙂
Got married and came over to Singapore for over 4 years.
Learnt the skill of being a manicurist in Vietnam, worked in the various boutiques when she was over here.
Pick up chinese language along the way as she began her life in Singapore.

Then came a child and the husband says to stay at home to take care of the child.
So she thought she should set up her own manicure services at home, and she did.

Best part was, she earns enough to hire a maid to help her do the housework and looking after the child.

I look up to that. I admire that.
She’s not just a simple Vietnam Bride, married over, simple housewife.
But with her hands, she made a living, she started and maintain a business on her own.

Seriously, how many Singaporean housewife will do that.
I believe just thinking about having to scrub people’s feet is huge turn off to any given Singaporean girl.

But look at her.


Although not the best manicure I’ve had, the pricing is quite reasonable, $35 for classic manicure and pedicure.
She doesnt push people to take on packages *I doubt she has packages to offer *at least not listed, and its pretty comfy in a private room.

Gel for $20.
and location is very near the MRT station.
Yishun MRT Station.

Kim’s nail services
Blk 745 Yishun Street 72
Mobile: 9488 1557

Call for appointment~ *she can only speak simple chinese and english is not there at all.

no she didnt know I’m a blogger, and no she didnt know I’ll write about her.
I believe in supporting people. 🙂


Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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