Central Park Mall

Was on my way back from school when I got hijacked!!!!
In a good way obviously. 😀

My colleagues took me along to go visit Central Park Mall!
Yet another huge ass mall, not that I manage to walk around much really. Our objective was to go get food, as there were lessons the next day we didn’t stay long.

So anyway, we got on TransJakarta! Yet another new experience.

My colleague had this map thing that was supposedly taken off the poster I guess, funny that we couldn’t locate the exact station we got off on it.


Oh, and they sell stuff along the bridge. 🙂



A couple of shots:

IMG_4827  IMG_4834 IMG_4836 IMG_4837


The company was great. We talked we laugh, one of them teased and was mean but it was all for good joy and laughter.

The best find was:

TaDa!!! Bakerzin!!! And it’s at level 1 open space area. You know what that means. It will be so zen when someone visits and we spend time there. *bliss* and the little joy. Can’t wait for someone to come over.

Anyway 🙂



Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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