Chocolate for Cough Cure

YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Scientists says ‘Chocolate cure’ for persistent cough!


Apparently this “theobromine” substance in chocolate is more effective than this ‘codeine’ substance found in cough syrup.

“Now a British-based drug company called SEEK is helping develop a medication based on a drug called theobromine, that it says “has been shown to inhibit the inappropriate firing of the vagus nerve, which is a key feature of persistent cough”.

It is found in “significant quantities in cocoa-based products”, said the firm


Professor Alyn Morice from the Hull Cough Clinic said while it was “theoretically possible” to get enough theobromine in a bar of dark chocolate to alleviate a cough, studies had yet to be done to reveal the exact dose required.”

😀 Dont care! Eat More! 😀

Check out the version of the article on BBC News | Health

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