Eye Surgery

Was reading the newspaper the other day when I got introduced to the photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).
Government uses it and its cheaper than LASIK…

I wonder hows life like without glasses… I’m as blind as a bat without glasses/contact lens. 1050 on each side.
Don’t even know if im still suitable for the corrective surgery 😀

Anyway, a google on PRK led me to the Singapore National Eye centre and I realize theres not just LASIK and PRK, there are at least 2 other methods.

One’s what they loving termed

Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction (FLEx): A New Alternative to LASIK

Check out the site to know more: http://www.singlasik.com.sg/singlasikFlex.asp

and a Comparison chart from a UK site introduced me to others:

Site: http://surgery-laser-eye.com/laser-eye-surgery.htm

Plan! Plan! Gonna go for a procedure by March 2011!


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