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Creative Culinaire – Baking with the heart

Went by to the dinning outlet of Creative Culinaire the other day,
its called

Cafe Pralet

The outlets were actually side by side

The Baking School

The Dinning Outlet.

I didnt know that, seriously. I had the impression that I’ll be eating at Crealtive Culinaire literally. So I took the steps up to the glass door. Looking through it, I saw packs of like “flyers” thingy, then I push open the glass door, I saw metal tables thats used in typical bakery.

I was like O_O


Obviously something is not right… cannot be a eatery is like that right? What? novelty idea, let you “walk passed” the baking scenery to your food?
Cannot be lo…

So I patiently waited for the friends to come:

TaDa! the yandaos!

We ordered Fish and Chips, Tofu Burger and Seafood Bake Rice.
We can order the main course only or top it up and make it a set. Comes with Drinks and a cake. The Price for the set meal is pretty oki 🙂

Seafood Bake Rice:

The cheese was just nice and the rice is tasty, not like bland or overbearing.

Tofu Burger:

The “Meat” has the taste of Tempe (a malay/ BaBa traditional food) in it.

Fish and Chips~

Heard alot of HooHaa about it, think its overrated. 🙂 I still prefer the one at 15 minutes cafe. Probably because its a different batter? 🙂 To Each Its Own.

Their Signatured Pralet is a MUST TRY! Kick yourself if you are there and you didnt try it! *unless of course u have medical reasons then you are forgiven*

Its like Bakerzin’s Sweet Pleasure ‘cept without the chocolate slices.
Its not indicated but I think I tasted Hazelnut.

its crunchy crunchy at the bottom~
*bItes LiPs… Sssss..

Brownie with Ice Cream~ *plain classic* *nothing jumpy*

Apple Crumble~ *Very friendly*

Hmm… Choices?
Seafood Pasta, Fish and Chip (i’m bias) then Tofu Burger.
Pralet (of Course!) Apple Crumble then Brownie with Ice Cream.

Had the chance to talk to the “chief”

She was just sharing her beginnings and how the process went by.
I like philanthropy startup and hers was somewhat there. 🙂

She started off the whole baking and cooking passion because of the need to move on from an event in life. You know when people engage themselves in activities so that changes are easier to cope with? 🙂

Then it moved on to coaching those in need to help them stand up.

But it isnt easy to just freely give cos afterall we cant pay bills with passion dont we? 🙂

Hence came about the idea of having paid classes, it builds and it builds, people without heart to stay on left, people who stayed became pillars of what Creative Culinaire is today 🙂

Chef Judy, Baking with the heart.

Care for some Pralet?


Be Bless

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