PaPa Day 2010

how did you celebrate your Father’s Day?

My sister came over and I stayed at home. In the evening we went out for a meal and he request to take a stroll at Woodlands Waterfront.

😀 Ya… I know again 😀

But no I’m a good girl, I didnt do long exposure. I snap and go snap and go.

Simple dinner: Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop, Chicken Wing, Fried Carrot Cake, Fish Soup with Rice. 🙂 My brother made time. 🙂

It was about sunset time when we went over,

This was P mode, direct shot, thats y it became like that. It wasnt exactly that dark. More like whats on the next pic~

Was walking halfway when my daddy sounded and said “Huo Cha lai le”
😀 Train’s here, 🙂 The one going across the Causeway~

and we carried on walking~

Can see the sun shinning on my dad’s arm… 🙂 *nice…

It was about like this:

We went for ice cream~

Which was pretty surprising considering my dad is very strict about his diet.

My bro found a dog,

and we saw the gathering of the PaPas! 😀

Then the sky got really drama:


My dad enjoys talking about his glamorous past, and my brother hadnt been around much lately, so it was good excuse for me to be running about in close proximity with my camera. 😀

Talking about catching crabs and having crabs float/swim on the surface.

After strolling over to the other end and back, my brother decided to check out the adult friendly playground. 😀

He said he could handle the high elements in adventure parks, but this one, stepping inside the nets feels like stepping into emptiness. 😀
He’s at least 1.7m so its really adult friendly 🙂

While me and my dad we’re just sitting down there drinking our yakult talking the night away. 😀

Soon it got late and we decided to walk home~

Happy Belated PaPa day to the daddys thats reading my blog~

Jiggle over to my flickr account to see the photos in better quality~

thanks for coming by~

Be Bless

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