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Rewatched Memoirs of a Geisha the other day (2013), the movie was released in 2005, that makes it 8 years ago.

Its fascinating how watching the movie in 2013 gives a different perspective and helps gained new understanding different as per 8 years ago.

Cant recall and neither (oky wait, let me go search…)
oh, I did blogged abt it back then ( woh, I’ve been blogging for that long)..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just watched the movie Memoirs of the Geisha on Monday. You guys watched it yet?

… (text removed for clarity of entry)

It reminds me of life, not in the sense the everyday life that we are living. But rather this life that we have. This breath that in inhale and exhale continuously.

While we do have the freedom of choices, we have already stepped on this journey that is (not) gonna stop for anything or anyone. Not having the opportunity to say “No, time is gonna stop for me.”

You just have to walk on. Like a Geisha, your sole purpose is to live on ..

So, 2013… Aft the disruption of attending to dad after the movie, and the many things that had happened over the years. I had these thoughts written down:

(a) “Dignity is the prideful way of not being negatively persuasive.”

(b) “Dignity is the prideful, quiet rebellion when accused.”

(c) “Dignity is standing tall and having it all although in the slums.”

What is Dignity?
the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect
a sense of pride in oneself; self-respect

What is Pride?
a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from qualities or possessions that are widely admired


(a) was about positive persuasion, different perspective, tough language, smart usage of words and qualities to gain one’s objective, without the need to stoop low and attempt to achieve with other means such as threat, manipulation of lust and flowery persuasion. — notice the many times Sayori had verbal exchange with Hazimomo, or moving words with Noburu.

(b) When Sayori was accused of giving up her chastity for a Kimono

(c) Was the post war period when she was working with the Kimono factory, how quick she was in regaining the composure and demeanor of who she was.


The change is pretty profound I feel. While the young me captured thoughts of living life and having control over it. The now-me went further in and looked at character development. The need for dignity, the acts of a person, the language it portrays, whats of the left and whats of the right.


I wonder whats it like perhaps another 8 years down the road and I watch the show again. Hows it gonna be? 😀


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


P/S: Are you one of those that has been reading since 8 years ago?

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