I got curious about Lady GaGa’s song, one song in particular and I went to urbandictionary what “Alejandro” means.

1. Alejandro

noun – (Spanish variant of Alexander)

1. One who can hardly contain his awesomeness as it spills out of him everywhere he goes.

2. Extreme genius.

3. Male having an abnormally large member.

2. Alejandro

A man who keeps calling Lady GaGa’s name to the extent that she needed to write a song to get him to shut up.

Don’t call my name Alejandro.

Why the name for the song?

So, the information bank says:

With this particular song, she stated “I’m saying goodbye to all my past boyfriends..”. In an interview, Gaga said that each of her songs written for The Fame Monsterwere all influenced by a monster. The monsters all take place in each song; for example, “Alejandro” was influenced by her “Fear of Men Monster“. She confirmed this monster in an interview On the Record with Fuse. In the song, ‘Alejandro’ represents Alexander McQueen, ‘Fernando’ represents Fernando Garibay, one of the producers she worked with on the album and for The Monster Ball Tour, and ‘Roberto’ represents Rob Fusari, an old producer and ex-boyfriend. The lyrics talk about Gaga defending herself against a “harem” of Latin men and has a number of ABBA allusions, including a reference to their 1976 song “Fernando”, which Gaga cited as one of her influences.


There we go:



You know that I love you boy.
Hot like Mexico, rejoice.
At this point I gotta choose,
nothing to loose.

Don’t call my name.
Don’t call my name, Alejandro.
I’m not your babe.
I’m not your babe, Fernando.

Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch.
Just smoke my cigarrette and hush.
Don’t call my name.
Don’t call my name, Roberto.

Ale-ale-jandro. [2x]



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