So I took a short break and went back home recently.

Guess what..


I came back to my apartment and there was no water!!! I was stunned….
Cant be that my utilities were not paid…

So I called for maintenance, and after THE wait, an “engineer” came up.

He came in, asked what “Mati”? Kinda like their way of speaking to foreigners in the attempt to communicate. Cos we as foreigners who dunno Bahasa Indonesia really can get clueless in the chain of “whatever that comes out of their mouth”



so.. I mention “air” which meant water.

Guess what he did…

He checked out my apartment and strolled gracefully to my toilet. He flushed.


I knocked on the closet and I’m like… “Its a water tank, of course there is water.”

Then he smiled, went to try the other outlets.

Then he strolled back out and did something.
I happened to be standing at the basin; turning the knob. Water flowed.

I was yeah! So Happy!
I got curious, what did he do…
so I went out and take a look, and he pretended, “oh nothing, theres nothing out there.”

I notice the golden knob, See knob on the right, twisted it, came back in to turn on the tap, water stopped flowing.
went out, twisted it again, came in, turn on the tap, and water started flowing again.

OH! so thats the trick.

He did the paperwork and he left.

I was glad the water came back and I didn’t think too much.

Then a few hours later. It dawned on me….

Bloody hell!! He treated me like I dunno my way around my place, like I’m a silly goon isn’t it… I am not suppose to have known water tank has water?

That the knob was suppose to control the water supply?

Okay, maybe the water supply knob I really didn’t know.

But the water tank… that is pathetic man. :/

If I was nasty and didn’t really need to depend on them, I would have lodge a complain.
You do not treat me like an idiot.

That is discrimination. I may not know your language, but my brain works.


SO upset.

Anyway. Its fine.

and turns out… someone played a prank on my “golden tap”.
Pun intended.


thanks for coming by



Be Bless

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