Speaking of traveling… I set a vision for myself. I want to take a photo of the 12 apostles before it becomes dunno how many apostles left. 😀

and was sitting in a car the other day, was pretty provoked by myself. Or probably the bus, after a meal w Iris, and I felt it in my heart.
I shall go to Paris and visit the Eiffel tower as a graduation celebration after my UniSIM.


Yup, UniSIM…. Its not going to be easy, hadn’t been, neither will be.

😀 and on that note, nobody said anything about not going before the graduation. 😀



Hmm… and I was strategizing, you know the French speaking people, they kinda not appreciate people trying to speak English to them? 😀
Okay! I shall speak in Chinese the whole time that I am there. 😀


Or maybe Bahasa Indonesia.



ANyway. 😀 Just saying.


Where do you envision yourself to go?


Thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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