Food for thought (literally)

Came upon the article “Food for thought that’ll serve dieters well” the other day, and they came up with a comic version of it soon after.

Did  you know that

“.. in an unusual study which demonstrates that merely thinking about food, without actually seeing, touching, smelling, tasting it, can help sate hunger through a process called habituation”

“In an experiment described in the latest edition of the journal Science, researchers asked volunteers to devote about a minute and a half methodically imagining themselves chewing and swallowing 30 M&Ms, one after another.

Then, when presented with a bowl of M&Ms, those volunteers ate about half as many candies as volunteers who imagined eating just three M&Ms, or none.


“Thought suppression tends to sensitize people to craving,” he said. “A better way to deal with cravings might be to imagine indulging them.”


It occurs when extended exposure to a stimulus decreases an organism’s responses to it, and many experts think it helps regulate eating.


The finding also suggests that people should eat in a quiet place – not in front of the TV or at a sidewalk cafe – because outside stimuli can also disrupt habitualtion she said”

So I say, “Go ahead… Fantasize about your food..”

But dont be like her:


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