Giveaway! BK Breakfast Voucher!


Vouchers Cleared! wait up for the next, my landscape photos *printed out* giveaway~

Giving away my BK Vouchers!

I thought for once I should pass on my vouchers to the readers that has faithfully follow my blog.

As vouchers are valid until 30th September 2011 I aim to give out the vouchers by the end of August. 🙂
Preferably 1 voucher per request. 😉
Nothing required, just drop me a comment or an email and we’ll make arrangement.
These are hardcopy vouchers endorsed by their marketing manager.

I work in Orchard, its easy to meet up, or if you want, I can do postal too~

Voucher not valid at BK Ion, Orchard Central, Vivo City, Citysquare Mall, Singapore Expo, Kallang Leisure Park and Escape Theme Park.
Voucher is only valid only during breakfast hours before 11am.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless,

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