Thailand – Roadside stalls

🙂 was looking through the photos taken at Thailand and I thought I should draw your attention to some of the goodies sold at the Roadside stalls.

I think its always scary to eat from roadsides stalls when you are overseas, especially countries that are not very particular about hygiene? I dont know whats a better word to use instead of hygiene… You know what I mean?

Like you see flies flying around ever so often, and stalls selling food that are uncovered, free for dust *especially if its by the road side…

kk, anyway~
These series of roadside food are not so bad, cos for one they are deep fried *oh my… the oil….


just enjoy the pictures la huh~
*a… do we consider their river as road? 😀


Some pork stew I think..

Garlic pork slices! Superb! I tell you. Superb!

This is Garlic Chicken



😀 As you can see, I’m not very adventurous


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


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