Went by to a dinner event hosted by a friend, and the things that some of them mentioned evoked some emotions of mine…
Some said “its been long since they had such, so much fun”
Another that mention that they felt nervous.
and the crowd that was on the other end of the long table.
and of course the “the host would like to say some words moments”.


and I asked myself: “What happen to all that?” 😀
What happen to the table for 10 at Old School Timbre Mount Sophia?
What happen to the table for 7 at Brotzeit?
What happen to the table for 4 at whatever Italian restaurant?
What happen to the table for 9 at Tonkichi?
What happen to all the bloggers invitation?
What happen to all the exclusive invite, event coverage?
What happen to the picnic at cemetry? 😀


I laughed as I looked back. 🙂
Yes, been there, done that, hosted, front to the back, left to the right, *ClinKed* *Drunk* *Signed the Bill*
and I realize how fulfilling and blessed my life has been. 😀


I think at 23yrs old I started hosting dinners and experienced the whole night of entertaining people. I applaude me.


But as we move on with time, our lifestyle change. 🙂
I love me. and as I’ve mentioned, I am still awesome. 😀

HA 😀 I dont think theres another as self-assured or arrogant as I am.
While I dont throw so much eat outs, I still love the small groups that I would hang out with at random nights.
While I derived adrenaline and little bits of happiness from interactions and events as such, I learnt that sitting by the river with a good cuppa, dessert and company. Just a few friends recharges me more.



What recharges you? Have you found that balance, that peace, that little sanctuary that you can go to in your life? That certain activity that restores your balance in the heart soul and mind, that clears it all up and prepares you to claim more land?


Go figure.


thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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