LV Inspired bracelet

Finally brought my latest investment back home. Its called LV Inspired bracelet. I like the Black stones on silver plate feel. Bought it from a blogshop called Little Helps

Their pictures of course look better.

Happened to go over to LV’s site to see if theres anything somewhat similar.

Phew* there isnt.

and I realize,
after so many years…
I still like their Monochrome Alma

Totally love the zip-around.
Yes, Ms Ng is materialistic one. 😀

Which reminds me of how I was very positively provoked regards my income.
Been with the government for 2 years le yet I still havent meet the criteria for applying a credit card…

What is this…

So happened to grumble to a colleague whos pursuing her Masters now with the extension of the bond.

Asking how I can maximize my income…

She said she too have her days of such wages.
Hence we came to this conclusion

Time cannot be rushed… *experienced that it may become priceless and treasured…

Just as I would love to fast forward time to generate more funds, time cannot be rushed. That we have to go through this wilderness experience in that we may look back one day and say “I have my days too” and “Thank God things has now changed”

oki, a very random entry. Just felt that I have changed recently.

Thank God I still have a job! 🙂 Hallelujah!

Got to go look for a handbag tomorrow, make use of the birthday voucher tt my cellgroup gave.

Be Bless

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