Invisible Lives

Went by to Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Singapore, Singapore for an exhibition and a get-together with some friends.
Late night band, booze and gathering for the win!!!!! 😀

Exhibition was entitled “Invisible Lives”
I feel that its a very good initiative by the good people of Ogilvy themselves to have work that out.

So much glam has been covered on paid for commercial and advertising.
What happens then to those back-lane segments of the society?
Whats what? What are they about?
Do you know?
Do they know?
Does anyone know?

I see plenty of that daily. 🙂
They are dejected people with the human spirit.

deject |diˈjekt|
verb [ trans. ] archaic
make sad or dispirited; depress : nothing dejects a trader like the interruption of his profits.

that is MAKE sad, not of choice, but of circumstances.

Yet behind and within them, lies the human spirit.
One that never gives up, that believes that things can be change.
That believe that life, is what they want it to be.

Ongoing effort?
I salute you Ogily!

Whats your story like?

Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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