Groom My Room!

I’m done!!!!!!! finally!!!!! 😀

Operation Groom my room!

Started way back in March 2010 and into now, Sept 2011 😀
took me 1yr 6mths? 😀
Kinda, had huge interval and I went through 3 phases I believe.
From clearing whats underneath the bedsheet, re-paint the whole room to introducing new shelves!
I am so proud of me!!

and ya, this 1yr 6mths has been a very interesting part of my life. 😀

This wall,

Probably havent touch for close to 10years, thats why you see the straight line *caused by the table being placed there for too long,
and here we are after re-painting it! 😀

of course includes chipping off the loose paint slabs to ensure the wall is solid.

I actually manage to empty out 8 boxes of books and notes… Goodness…

and from this:

it became…:

Even had to double stack the books *realized I have alot of dictionaries and my sis left behind loads of Chinese books.
Dictionaries, Bibles *think I have 4 versions. 😀 , comics, fiction books, magazines, UniSIM text, NIE Text, Accounts text, First Aid text, Bible study, Sermon notes, Praise and Worship lyrics, Encyclopaedia and light-weight boxes goes to the top.

Do-Re-Mi somemore, go down the ladder one. 😀

and mind you after the 8 boxes, I still have 6 boxes un-opened. 😀

This stack was the bomb! 😀 Had to leave them on the floor for up to 2 weeks before I could finally “deploy” them.

How it was in March, after the 1st re-vamped:

and now:

Realized its Math Teacher’s guide on the table in the previous photo. But now, no more. Hence I meant major change.

Is your room as messy as mine? 😀
I’m lucky I lived in a matured estate. The room space is big compared to the housing these days. 🙂 even with the double decker bed and a table at the side, I can still put another sleeping mat on the floor to host another. 🙂

I think I did a good job re-organizing my room. Lets see how long its gonna take before I do another shifting k? 😀
Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

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