JKT Cookies

I’m not a particular fan of Cookies, because its basically all flour and sugar. Carbs, carbs and sugar.


The other time, my property agent came with his peeps and ingredients for 4 grand burger. Guess what got left behind.

Yup… Butter….. or Margarine I think. that yellow block of processed milk and whatever that is in it.
and then there was that half used pack of flour from the Home Econs class I was conducting
and raisins and walnuts that I bought sometime about as snack and as add-on for lunch salad.
VoaLA! the ingredients required for a cookie treat!

Oh, no egg or sugar or vanilla essence though.

and… that 3 packs of milo powder thats due next month.

I know… I didnt sieve the flour..

and neither did I let the margarine melt through.. thats why you get them in chunks of powder like that.

But, keep going… keep going.. it will pay off.


and it most certainly did pay off. 😀

Bake them..

and tADa!

Throw in some peanut butter or nutella dip if its plain. 😉


thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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