Killer Breakfast




I LOVE THIS! Its the regular Bee Hoon breakfast. But erm………..
I came to the realization recently that…… yeah… Lets really have it less.


I have
1. Fried (black) Bee Hoon
2. Cabbage
3. Fish Fillet
4. Fried Bean Curd
5. Fried Bean Curd sheet


These are my choices, other more popular side dishes would be
6. Taiwanese Pork Sausage (LOVE!!!!)
7. Luncheon Meat
8. Fried Egg
9. Hashbrown
10. Wu Xiang
11. Chicken wing


Lets break it down
1. Fried (black) Bee Hoon  – Rice vermicelli: Refined Carbs, Oil, Black Soy Sauce
2. Cabbage – Vegetable: Fibre, Oil, Salt
3. Fish Fillet – Processed fish (dont think we see traces of fish meat left), Flavor enhancer, Oil
4. Fried Bean Curd – Soya Beans, Oil
5. Fried Bean Curd sheet – Soya Beans, Oil, Refined flour


6. Taiwanese Pork Sausage (LOVE!!!!) – Processed Pork: absolutely no idea what are the parts, Oil
7. Luncheon Meat – Processed Pork: absolutely no idea what are the parts, Oil
8. Fried Egg – Egg, Oil
9. Hashbrown – Potato (whatever that is left of it), Oil
10. Wu Xiang – Minced pork, (depends on quality of manufacturing) other ingredients, Oil
11. Chicken wing – Chicken Meat & Skin, Oil


Tastebud straight to heaven, Diet straight to hell. and of course, ourselves straight to the gym/or any workouts suitable.  😀


Thanks for coming by


Be Bless

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