Sometimes, anticipating things beforehand gives one a false sense of expectation. Its only when we got there, engaged, then do we know how it really is.

To swim, to eat, to study, to live, to participate, to commit.

The key to it then is to anticipate all u can, n do the due preparation as much as possible. When you finally get in, strike at it w passion, when you finally get in, give it all u got and never look back. (Giving It All)

Because you are there afterall to figure it out. You are there to see to the end of things. You are there.

Anything thats worth doing, anything that has an expected end requires a plan, patience and long suffering.  (Commitment)

The world, in all its wonders and interaction is not controlled by you, you are just a participant, diff is you can control what u do n what you feel about it.

Know that we dont always get what we want, but also know that we shld always take stock of what we get n be grateful for them. (Expectation Management)

Life is what you want it to be.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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