Mad Jack + Bugis Sights

Went by to Mad Jack at Pomo the other day to have dinner with my bb~.

It was oki.. the Fish and Chip still cannot compare to 15minutes.

kk, let the photos do the talking

Can I give you the dessert first? 😀

Mad and Rich… *drool….. 😀

the ice cream shy ar… hide one side.

hmmm… he likes mushroom, so we tot we should order this to try

Mushy Mushy 😀
it was oki… probably the cooking oil..
*you know when we eat deep fried stuff, the taste of the dish can be very very affected by the cooking oil, thats exactly what happen, not in a good way…*

their Fish and Chips

I ordered Fish and Rice, but they delivered Fish and Chips (with their peach and apple salad)
I was so excited, cut up the fish, set it ready, take photo, take photo. Then I realize O_O its suppose to be RICE!!!!


I waved the waiter over, explained, and they replace my fries with rice. 🙂 no change to the fish though. 🙂 I appreciate that really..

Their rice, one scoop is all it takes to realize that its MUSHROOM… full of mushroom taste. Those who doesnt like mushroom will certainly find the rice repulsive…

Think really is in the oil ba…
had about 3/4 of the 1st fish with its outer layer.
Completely cannot take the outer layer with the 2nd fish..
Hope the oil *situation is just for one time ba..

He ordered the fish burger,
Its actually very nice!

Its gently seared, not exactly like grilled fish..
Can taste the freshness of the fish, and the whole veg with mayo affair. 🙂 Works well for me. 🙂

Oh This Is THE BOMB!

Cheese and Mayo on a mixture of Cajun fries and normal fries..
Oh! *ShIoKnesss!
$6.90 for about 10inch serving, quite oki ba..

Beetroot, Carrot and Cucumber, they call it Detox Agent. 😀

Orange, Apple and Cucmber. Immunity Booster.

and now the sights~

I love this photo! *sHiOk! *cant rem whether is it P or M mode..

Caught this outside Food for Thought.
Grass is always greener on the inside…

Grass is greener where you water it.

Wanted to go 15minutes for dinner, Closed on Sunday, went to Food for Thought, close for private event. Hence Mad Jack got lucky.

😀 cute right! 😀 *HiYAH! *hIgH KicK!*

loving the feel of it… so authentic…

Thanks for coming by~

Be Bless

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