SG Cab 4-5flags

Was rushing back from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel the other day, really didnt want to be be late for school.

Came out from the Ladies and I saw a cab left in-front of my eyes…
I was like -_-”
Sian… still must wait.

The hotel staff waved for the next cab to come over.
To my surprise.. I saw this:

Sorry, this photo does not do justice.. 😀

Lets try again

To my surprise.. I saw this:

Jaw drop right…


I gladly obligated when the hotel staff say I must salute before I get onto the cab..


Hao bu hao o…
Uncle is very patriotic..

After much chatting, learnt that it was his son who helps him with the setup, the flags were courtesy of the restaurant and he has been on this for a couple of National Day Celebration Season.

I am amazed…

The uncle was saying, what makes it so special?

Count the number of flags on the window.
Its 4 on the top, 5 at the bottom. Celebrates Singapore’s 45th Birthday.


Half way through the journey he said, can you see the hand?
I was like? huh? what hand?

When I alight, then I realize, its this hand:

To him, its a hand Saluting!


and of course, the whole time when I was on the cab, he’s saying
“See they are looking at you, they want to see who is sitting inside the cab”
“See they all salute”
“You sit this cab very proud know?”

Uncle.. Uncle..

Bye Uncle~

He and his car are going for an interview on CNA on the 16th. 😀 Watch out for him. 😀

Be Bless

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2 thoughts on “SG Cab 4-5flags

  1. avnjl Post author

    😀 serious? 😀
    I was too stone to not get on. Seriously 😀
    The uncle enjoys the attention so much neh 😀

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