Medication again, 20th Oct 09

Prone to catching throat infection since I started teaching. But its been at least 2 months since I last got it ba…

Caught Sore throat last Sunday, was thinking since its marking week, dont have to be involved in full time teaching, so really should let it heal by itself. Especially since it is not throat infection.

Then who knows, monday night dry cough, tuesday caught cold, then this morning… FLU… haiz…

Went to see doctor and I’m gonna get well real soon! πŸ™‚
But am glad that its not throat infection yet. πŸ˜€

It was an interesting doctor visit actually. Cos this doctor would speak to me about the Lord.

So he asked, who gave us freewill?
I replied, its the Lord.
Then he said, who condemns us then?

Interesting reminder.
Since its God who gave us freewill, certainly He wouldnt condemn us. It would contradict Him totally.

Who is it then?
its the accuser of the brethen. Ladies and Gentlemen.

On the side note, painted my nails black.

Was just looking at it after the finishing touch, and a thought came to me.

Show me a decent girl that would paint her nails black. πŸ˜€
So girls that paint their nails black is indecent?
Very interesting assumption. πŸ˜€

oki, sleep. take a good nap before I go out and spring a dessert surprise on a very stress up friend.
Got to start preparing for SIM exams.
Got to go Marina for Ipod Nano 2Gb, hopefully can utilize my 40bucks voucher, and I want to BLING it up!

*then again, depends on the original casingΒ  ba…
Its such a girly thing

I want to get a DSLR! Someone be so nice to bless me? πŸ˜€

Be Bless

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